21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer & Fasting

“The Heavens are Open: Receiving the Finishing Touches”

January 7 - 27, 2018 / Hebrew year 5778



  1. Declare breakthrough, complete deliverance, healing and salvation in every area of your life and for everyone at ROGC.
  2. Pray for breakthrough for every area of ministry at ROGC.
  3. The Heavens are open in 2018! Thank the Lord for putting the "finishing touches" of His righteousness on our lives and the ministry of ROGC. 
  4. Thank the Lord for complete freedom and victory for us and everyone who contacts the ministry looking for deliverance and healing.
  5. The restoration of the family.
  6. Wealth transference for the church and our families. Continually speak blessings over ROGC and everyone here.
  7. Supernatural protection for church and our families.
  8. Continual repentant, hungry and expectant hearts, with a greater capacity to receive and demonstrate the Kingdom of God.
  9. Call in the harvest of souls.
  10. Call in workers to assist us in fulfilling the vision of ROCG.
  11. For guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead us in every area particularly the following; MN Adult & Teen Challenge, Media Ministry, Why Jesus?, Healing & Compassion Center, Ignite MN Youth, and House of Peace Outreaches.
  12. Pray for wisdom, flexibility & sensitivity to be able to transition into the new year.
  13. Pray for protection, wisdom and favor for President Trump and his administration.
  14. Pray for the peace and protection of Israel.
  15. Pray for our own petitions.
  16. Most importantly, the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ would increase in our lives that we would be a greater witness for Him!


  • Week 1 -- January 7 - 13:  Fast one meal, no sweets
  • Week 2 -- January 14 - 20:  One vegetarian meal a day with fruit, no sweets
  • Week 3 -- January 21 - 27: Total fast, liquids only