Kingdom Fatherhood

It has been said, “A man’s home is his castle” yet, given today's stresses,  political correctness and skewed images of what a man looks like, men today feel anything like a king, let alone their home a castle. As a result, fatherhood has changed from God’s original intent.

I heard about a father being asked who was in charge at his home and answering he said, "Well, my wife bosses the children, my children boss the dog & cat, & I can say anything I want to the goldfish.”

Yet, the encouraging news is God has anointed husbands, and fathers, and as men of God it is to bring order and establish the kingdom of God in our lives, in our marriages, and in our homes. In fact, Father God has anointed fathers to bring identity to their homes. In this teaching we look at the distinctive masculine heat God has placed in every man, and feminine heart He has created in every woman and discovered the beauty that comes when we align ourselves up with this important kingdom reality.