The Power of One

While in prayer on Saturday, May 19, 2018, Pastor Pete received a very distinct message from the Lord and it had a definite sense of urgency to it:

"There is a powerful anointing that comes upon one who is single in heart, single in purpose and single in vision.   Son, preach, impart and activate the power of singleness in my called and appointed ones   They are on assignment from Me and I have highly favored and anointed them for such a time as this.   It is time fro the activation of My Army of One to come forth.   Let those who have been slumbering, slumber no more!   Rise up and be the force of love I have ordained you to be.    Love I am and Love I have imparted onto My Bride, and it is love I will require of them in fulfilling My high purpose and call.  Go Son, run with this message!  Allow me to be a propehtic voice inside of you to mobilize this Army of One, saith the Lord.   It starts with one, but will end with many.   For unless a seed dies, it abides alone.  But if it dies and falls to the ground it will produce a mighty harvest that will bless many for all eternity!   Remember, the seed I placed in My Own is an incorruptible seed that will never die, but will always live and testify that the Great I Am lives now and forever!  Amen & Amen!