Are You Willing?

Many thought it was going to be a red wave that was going to come and move across this land. Many thought that I was going to raise up certain men and women that were going to do the things needed to change the morality of this country, but I say I AM the Lord God Almighty and that is who I am and I will not share My glory with another.  
I have a wave to bring that is far greater than any political wave. I have a wave to bring across this land that will sweep from coast to coast.  From sea to shining sea you will see My hand move upon this land. There will be those who will mock what I am doing.  
I ask you this day, are you willing to put your life on pause for Me?  Are you willing to lay aside your own agendas and your own lives for Me?  For I have a life that I want to bring forth in a mighty wave across this land and I am looking for those vessels that are willing to be used of Me.  I’m looking for those that are willing to walk in the covenant that I have cut with thee through the precious blood of My son.  Are you willing to lay it all aside for Me?  For the wave that I’m bringing is an almighty move of My hand that will be great in this land, like nothing that has ever been seen before. I’m not looking for those gold or silver vessels, but I’m looking for those yielded vessels that are humble and will allow Me to be Lord of their lives. Are you willing? Are you willing to be used of Me?  For I am coming. My appointed time is at hand, saith the Lord.

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